Hours of Operation

Starts 1/8/2020

  Monday 2pm-8:30pm   *   Tuesday 10:30am-9pm  
Wednesday 10:30am-10pm  *   Thursday 10:30am-10pm 
Friday 10:30am-Midnight *  Saturday 11am - Midnight  * Sunday 11am-9pm

 Friday      Nov 15th     11am-6:30   & 10:30pm-12:30am
 Saturday Nov 9th     11am-6pm 
 Sunday   Nov 10th    11am-8:30pm 

Open Bowling Days &  Times

Jim Walter has been drilling balls for over 50 years! Whether you need a new ball, or need an old ball drilled, Jim Walter is the man you are looking for! 

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* Drilling - *Plugging - *Re-surfacing